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CalTonic Scale Inhibitor

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CalTonic Scale Inhibitor

Product Code: SI-CALTRONIC

Material: Nickel Plated
Height: 100mm
Length: 100mm
Depth: 40mm
Guarantee: Lifetime


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Product Information

Calmeg - CalTronic Scale Inhibitor

CalTronic is a non-intrusive electronic scale inhibitor which works by transmitting variable frequency radio waves through its antennae. These antennae are wrapped around the pipe work to create an electrical pulse in the water.

The CalTronic is installed on the incoming mains supply close to an electrical supply.

This pulse causes the same effect as a magnetic or electrolytic scale inhibitor. A single polarity is induced into the water where the calcium and magnesium (lime scale) particles take on the same polarity. This causes the particles to repel each other and as a result prevents the formation of hard lime scale. CalTronic not only prevents further hard lime scale build up but will also break down existing lime scale already present in your system and plumbed in appliances.

CalTronic can be fitted to 15mm 22mm 28mm 35mm and 42mm pipe work. It will work on any type of pipe work including lead and plastic. Once the unit has been installed you can sit back and relax as it will continue to work day and night without the need for regular maintenance. Electrical supply-5 amp fuse built in to 240v-50hz with a standard 3-pin socket on 2-metre length of 2-core mains lead.

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CalTonic Scale Inhibitor

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