BWT Water Softener (High Flow)

BWT Water Softener (High Flow)


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The BWT Water Softener (High Flow) WS355HF is the same as the WS355 model except it is designed to be used with high pressure water system.

It is superbly easy to benefit from the BWT WS355HF Water Softener as a product resulting from continued design development. Usage of the BWT WS355HF Water Softener is simple. Just configure the time of operation and the relevant water- hardness setting for your location. The BWT WS355HF Water Softener is designed exclusively to solve the hard-water issues found throughout the United Kingdom.

With a neat footprint the BWT WS355HF Water Softener can be installed inside of any regular 600mm storage area. Therefore one does not have to install the unit in an outhouse location which makes topping up the salt container most convenient. The rotary valve ensures the unit is easy to maintain whilst sturdy construction is evident from the high capacity resin bed. Prepared to handle the worst hard-water problems your area has to offer the BWT WS355HF Water Softener will be your dream solution at a ground-breaking price that is amazing value for money! *This amazing offer is even more irresistible with a fantastic:

Primary voltage 230 volts, secondary voltage 12 volts.
Each regeneration cycle uses less than 80 litres.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 27 × 60.2 cm
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