Radox Radiators Ltd pride themselves as being one of the UK’s leading brand names in designer radiator and towel rail manufacture. Innovation is at the heart of everything Radox do, they aim to inspire you and bring the romance back into staying warm.

Established in 2008 in the UK, their new range is even more diverse than before and truly represents a single stop solution to designer heating in the bathroom and home. They believe that no other manufacturer will be able to offer you the range and quality of products that they can.

Radox only use the best EU sourced products ensuring the highest quality Integrity of manufacture and never take shortcuts. They also use tried and trusted manufacturing processes to make sure they bring you consistent, high quality products.

Radox are also doing their part on helping the environment by using no copper plating in the production of their towel rails/radiators. This is because it produces harmful by-products such as copper cyanide, which have a devastating effect on the environment.