Carron Delta/Axis/Aspect Showerbath Shower Screen

Carron Delta/Axis/Aspect Showerbath Shower Screen

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This Carron Shower Screen is made to be specifically used with the Delta and Axis/Aspect Showerbaths. The screen is one piece of clear glass designed with a curve in it to fit and compliment the shape of the Delta and Axis/Aspect Showerbaths, making this screen the ideal solution for completing these baths and turning them into a practical shower enclosure as well.

The Delta/Axis/Aspect Showerbath Shower Screen is 1500mm in height by 750m in width and the screen is fitted with 6mm tempered clear glass conforming to all EC safety standards.

This is a superbly finished bath screen that not only looks good but is also easy to keep clean by just giving it a wipe over with a clean soapy damp cloth; that’s all that is needed to keep this bath screen looking brand new for years to come.

This wonderful bath screen is made to the highest quality standards by Carron Bathrooms a premier brand based in Scotland and is designed to be used with their baths.

Weight 100 kg