Carron Quantum Shower Screen – 58.4000

Carron Quantum Shower Screen – 58.4000

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The Carron Quantum Shower Screen is a bath screen designed with two hinged panels so part of the screen can be moved up to a 90° angle helping to reduce water spray from the shower escaping out of the bath. This screen is designed to be used with both regular Baths and Shower Baths, which have a change in shape so the screen can be adjusted to cover this change. The moveable screen is 185mm in width making it ideal for baths with small changes in shape.

Designed by Carron Bathrooms to fit and compliment Carron Baths, this is the ideal fitting solution which turns the bath into a practical shower enclosure, making it a delightful addition particularly for the smaller bathroom which cannot include a separate shower enclosure. It has never been easier to create such a clean, fresh look in your bathroom and this modern designed bath screen is an ideal solution for replacing a tired model or for updating to a new scheme.

The Carron Quantum Shower Screen is 1400mm in height by 820-840mm plus the 185mm moveable screen in width and the screen is fitted with 6mm tempered clear glass conforming to all EC safety standards.

This is a superbly finished bath screen that not only looks good but is also easy to keep clean by just giving it a wipe over with a clean soapy damp cloth; that’s all that is needed to keep this bath screen looking brand new for years to come.

This wonderful bath screen is made to the highest quality standards by Carron Bathrooms a premier brand based in Scotland and is designed to be used with their baths.

Weight 100 kg