Carron Status 1700 x 800 5mm Acrylic LH Bath – 23.4371L (Q4-02217)

Carron Status 1700 x 800 5mm Acrylic LH Bath – 23.4371L (Q4-02217)


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SKU: 23.4371L

The Carron Status 1700 x 800 5mm Acrylic LH Bath is a double ended bath which brings a unique perspective to bathroom design by adding a touch of luxury with its soft curves and ideal proportions. This Carron Bath is made from a high grade 5mm acrylic sheet that is very durable and warm to touch. A delightful addition this bath will transform any bathroom making it not only a wonderful experience to use but also a focal point for admiration.

The Dimensions of the bath are: 1700mm x 800mm x 450mm and has a 250 Litres Water Capacity

The Carron Status comes un-drilled for bath taps so taps can be positioned to suit the shape of the bathroom and your own personal preference. This bath is designed to be fitted in a corner situation only with a smooth curve on one corner on the left hand side, so that this side is not set against the wall; a right hand side curve is also available. Taps and waste fittings are not included and neither is the suspended bath panel but the panel for the Status is available in related products. Finally the Carron Status Bath comes with the option of turning your bath into a luxury spa whirlpool bath with the C-Lenda system by Markon for that extra luxury of added comfort and body relaxation (See options below).

This superbly finished in white bath not only looks good but is also easy to keep clean by just giving it a wipe over with a clean soapy damp cloth; that’s all that is needed to keep this bath looking brand new for years to come.

This wonderful bath is made to the highest quality standards by Carron Bathrooms a premier brand based in Scotland and comes with a twenty year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Weight 100 kg


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