HIB Atrium 60 LED Semi-Recessed Aluminium Mirror Cabinets

HIB Atrium 60 LED Semi-Recessed Aluminium Mirror Cabinets


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When redesigning your bathroom incorporate a practical and attractive mirror cabinet such as the HIB Atrium 60 LED Illuminated Semi-Recessed Aluminium Mirror Cabinet for a perfect balance of form and function at great value.

Perfect for stud wall installations, semi-recessed Atrium provides all the storage of a cabinet, with the sleek exterior of a delicate illuminated mirror. Adjustable shelves, two low level charging docks and a removable keep clean matt tick the boxes for functionality, whilst an elegant exterior and ambient colour temperature change lighting make this a versatile style statement to suit any interior.

• Colour temperature changing LED illumination
• Semi-recessed cabinet
• 8cm recessed depth
• Double Doors.
• 2 pin integrated charging socket(s)
• USB Charging socket(s)
• Double-sided mirrored door
• Sensor switch

The Atrium 60 LED Semi-Recessed Aluminium Mirror Cabinet is 70cm in height by 60cm in width by 14.5cm in depth and is made by HIB who supply some of the best luxury mirror cabinets available today each being manufactured to a degree of quality finish rendering it close to a work of art. HIB provide a 2 year guarantee on the electrical components in the mirror cabinet and a 5 year guarantee on the silver coating on the mirror.

Dimensions 60 × 70 cm
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