Linear Wet-Dec Double Trap 900mm x 900mm Including Grill

Linear Wet-Dec Double Trap 900mm x 900mm Including Grill

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The range of linear shower aqua decks are made in the UK to the highest specification using only the highest quality materials. the linear shower aqua decks was designed by an installer and not a man in the office!!

The key features which make this Deck better than Impey is that you can

Trim our deck and the Impey dec is not recommended to trim and the biggest problem with the Impey dec is that the waste position is fixed and our Ideal deck the waste has 3 positions options

The Impey aquadec should be installed between 2 walls this is not the case with our Ideal Linear Shower deck, and because we deal direct with the UK factory we can offer you a bespoke made Linear Shower aquadeck.

If you have a high pressure water system COMBINATION BOILER OR MEGAFLOW TYPE SYSTEM we would strongly recommend the TWIN TRAP MODEL if hair or soap get stuck in the trap this will slow the water movement and you will run the risk of water overflowing away from the waste outlet and causing you problems that you don?t even want to think about

These Ideal Linear Shower aquadecks are guaranteed for life and made in Great Britain.

The Linear Wet-Dec pre-formed shower base has been developed specifically to allow the installation of a wetroom on a timber floor. Available in a range of sizes, the dec has a built-in gradient ensuring that water from the shower is directed towards the integral linear drain, giving a sleek and stylish finish. The key feature of the Linear Wet-Dec is its two way fall which allows the tiling to be laid without diagonal cuts, therefore making it ideal for use with large format tiles. The integrated linear drain is in a solid finish.

? Designed for timber floors

? Two way fall – suited to large format tiles

? 7 pre-formed sizes

? Trimmable

? Lifetime Guarantee

? Stylish linear drain

? Variable waste position

? Flow rate up to 68 L/min

? Height adjustable grill

The Linear Wet-Dec is manufactured from sustainable waterproof birch ply making it easy to install whilst ensuring a consistent two way gradient every time. The clever design allows for far higher flow rates than a more traditional four-way fall dec and making it ideal for the installation of large format tiles. Each Linear Wet-Dec is supplied with a stainless steel trim for detailing the difference in tile heights where the dec meets the remainder of the bathroom floor – see image for details.

The trap has an adjustable ball joint and comes with removable dip-tube. For ease of installation, it can be fitted anywhere within the central section of the trough, making it simple to avoid joist.

A single trapped Linear Wet-Dec has a flow rate of up to 27 L/min*. The trap can be fitted anywhere within the trough. When a higher flow rate is required a double trap version is available, allowing up to 50 L/min*.

To specify your Linear Wet-Dec, first select the required number of traps (depending on the required flow rate), followed by the grill length and finally the grill finish.

Membrane. It is essential that the floor is waterproofed or ?tanked? using one of the membranes. For timber floors we would recommend the Tilesafe membrane is applied to the entire wetroom floor.

FWM should then be applied to the walls of the shower area plus an additional 300mm and

overlapped onto the Tilesafe Reinforcing Tape.

Weight 14.9 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 cm