Roper Rhodes Contactless Dual Flush Sensor

Roper Rhodes Contactless Dual Flush Sensor

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When updating your bathroom the Roper Rhodes Contactless Dual Flush Sensor provides a great alternative to flush plate buttons on the wall. The contactless kit is compatible with all pneumatic concealed cisterns from Roper Rhodes and it provides a touchless flush with just a wave of a hand.

The Sensor works using capacitive sensor technology to detect a change in the electromagnetic field, when the user waves their hand in front of the sensor it will initiate the flush. A short wave activates the reduced flush of the cistern, whilst holding your hand up slightly longer triggers a full flush. The sensor is powered by 4x AA batteries which will last for approximately 1 year under normal domestic conditions.

With a flat-to-the-wall design this contactless flush sensor is extremely versatile allowing near endless placement locations, the sensor can be mounted behind a back to wall WC unit fascia or under a worktop or tiled wall where the cistern is located. A discreet black decal is included to stick on the front of the fascia or tiled surface to indicate sensor location if desired. Furthermore this contactless sensor is the perfect alternative optional upgrade for the Roper Rhodes concealed cisterns or wall hung frames. It will provide all the functionality you need for concealed cistern installation within a housing or partition.

The Roper Rhodes Contactless Dual Flush Remote Sensor Kit is manufactured by Roper Rhodes to an absolute optimal quality of finish with solid construction. Roper Rhodes is one of the world’s premier and most trusted manufacturers of bathroom products. The Roper Rhodes Contactless Dual Flush Sensor proves a super alternative choice for a concealed WC installation.

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