Roper Rhodes Event Round Thermostatic Single Function Built In Shower Valve

Roper Rhodes Event Round Thermostatic Single Function Built In Shower Valve

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The Event round thermostatic shower single function valve with its beautiful dual flow controls has a contemporary simple shape. This superb concealed single function shower valve with two controls’ for water flow and temperature will turn any bathroom or en-suite into a stunningly modern shower room. This valve is mounted within a wall for concealed instillation.

The old showers where someone turned on a tap whilst showering, that shocked you with that sudden change of water temperature is now a thing of the past thanks to the Event’s renowned thermostatic showering technology. This valve allows you to control the temperature and flow of your water independently and features precise thermostatic control, maintaining selected temperatures within +/- 1.5°C. This new technology means that your showers temperature will always remain perfectly consistent and with the Event round thermostatic shower you are safe in the knowledge that it will shut down if the hot or cold water flow fails. It also has a pre-set maximum temperature to give you that extra peace mind.

This beautiful concealed shower valve is 120mm wide by 215mm height by 136mm depth and is suitable for: wall fixed, ceiling fixed, flush or adjustable height shower heads providing you with the widest choice of showering experiences.

The Event Round Thermostatic shower is superbly finished in sparkling chromium plate that not only looks good but is also easy to keep clean and the Event round thermostatic shower valve comes with a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee giving you total peace of mind.

Please note this valve requires a minimum water pressure of 0.1 bar.

Weight 14 kg