Royce Morgan Seaton 1680 x 770mm Freestanding Bath

Royce Morgan Seaton 1680 x 770mm Freestanding Bath


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The Royce Morgan Seaton 1680 x 770mm Freestanding Bath is designed to cross the boundary defying definition between cutting edge futuristic and the elegance of a bygone era, therefore making it a stunningly beautiful luxurious bath that with no doubt will add the wow factor to any contemporary bathroom. This bath is made from using two 5mm acrylic sheets that make it double skinned, meaning it has the ability to retain heat for a longer period than in a standard bath, therefore giving you a longer and more enjoyable well deserved relaxing soak.

This freestanding bath with thin edges is designed to be used with freestanding or wall mounted taps, which are not included, and comes complete with waste and overflow where the options to choose from are in the Value Package section. With its sleek design this bath will transform your bathroom by not only making it a wonderful experience to use but will also add a focal point for admiration.

The dimensions of the bath are: 1680mm (L) x 770mm (W) x 600mm (H) and has a 193 litres to overflow capacity.

This wonderful bath is made to the highest quality standards by Royce Morgan who is now one of the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of traditional, contemporary and modern thin edged acrylic freestanding baths. This freestanding bath comes with a life time manufacturer’s guarantee with terms & conditions applying.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 168 × 77 × 60 cm
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