Sanibest Heavy Duty Macerator

Sanibest Heavy Duty Macerator

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Saniflo – Sanibest Heavy Duty Macerator Unit

The Saniflo Sanibest is a small bore heavy duty macerator pump for use with floor mounted WC pans, this model fits neatly behind the WC pan and cannot be fitted behind a wall panel. In additional this model is suitable for pumping away wastewater from a washbasin shower bidet or other domestic or commercial appliances.

The Saniflo Sanibest is a heavy-duty macerator unit designed for commercial use and is particularly suitable for offices restaurants pubs hotels nursing homes and guesthouses.

The Sanibest heavy duty macerator will take water from a WC shower basin etc and the macerators powerful cutting action deals with almost anything. The Sanibest has a continuously rated motor designed to dissipate heat in intensive use conditions the casing has two low level inlets for non-WC appliances and the Sanibest has an advanced water level actuation chamber controlled by a micro-switch.

The heavy duty Sanibest has an extremely powerful horizontal discharge of up One-hundred metres and a vertical discharge of up to six metres and this powerful compact macerator measures only 350mm in height 529mm in width and 175mm in depth so it can be easily hidden away.

The Sanibest maceratoris made to the highest quality standards by Saniflo who are the world leader in the manufacture of macerators and waste pumps and conforms to all European safety standards

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 52.9 × 35 cm