Sanicompact Macerator

Sanicompact Macerator


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Saniflo – Sanicompact Macerator

The Saniflo Sanicompact is a cisternless ceramic WC pan with a built-in small bore macerator pump it has the advantage that the macerator is fully concealed in the base of the WC pan. In additional this model is suitable for pumping away wastewater from a washbasin.

Literally the Sanicompact Macerator means that you can have that extra WC anywhere in the house including the basement of loft extension or where conventional large bore pipe work is impractical..

The Saniflo Sanicompact has an horizontal discharge of up thirty metres and a vertical discharge of up to three metres and this powerful compact macerator measures no more that a standard WC at 470mm in height 390mm in width and 435mm in depth so the space it takes up is kept to a minimum.

The Sanicompact macerator is made to the highest quality standards by Saniflo who are the world leader in the manufacture of macerators and conforms to all European safety standards.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 39 × 47 cm
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