Saniflo Descaler 1 x 5 Litre Container

Saniflo Descaler 1 x 5 Litre Container

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Saniflo – Saniflo Descaler

It is recommended that you keep your Saniflo system in optimum condition by having a regular cleaning routine and the Saniflo descaler is the preferred solution.

This descaler is formulated specifically for use in macerators and small bore pipework which can be easily put into your Saniflo external and internal units and there is no worry about damaging the unit or its rubber components. The descaler will breakdown all the built up limescale making sure that your unit works more efficiently and ensuring it has a longer life.

Formulated with phosphoric acid the concentrated solution will prolong unit life as well as maintaining efficiency when used regularly. This product is also suitable for use with a septic tank operation.

Although the usage is dependant on the area you live and the hardness of the water a general guide is that Saniflo descaler needs to be used on average twice a year. A 5 litre bottle of Saniflo Descaler comes in a concentrated solution which can be diluted by up to 5 times its volume with water.

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