Sanipro Macerator

Sanipro Macerator


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Saniflo – Sanipro Macerator

The Saniflo Sanipro macerator is designed to take waste water from a WC shower cubicle and washbasin and pump it quickly and quietly through 22mm small bore pipework to a remote soil stack or sewer.

This model is fitted with an integrated carbon filter in its elegant new casing in additional it will pump away wastewater from a washbasin shower power shower hydro massage and bidet.

Sanipro is easy and economical to install works with any style of WC pans and can be concealed behind a demountable panel to give access if required.

Horizontal discharge 100 metres Vertical discharge 5 metres Discharge pipe diameter 22mm Electrical supply 220-240V / 50Hz

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 43.5 × 36.5 cm
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