Your choice of wash basin is an important one; one to which you should devote serious consideration, because the basin is such a fundamental component of your bathroom’s design. Obviously, we can’t all afford the most glorious, high-end designer glass affairs, but there are alternatives. There are simple, functional basins, which look inoffensive and do the job for which they were designed satisfactorily. Modern basins can add a touch of flair and individuality to your bathroom, while a classic style can create a sensation of sophistication in your bathroom. Whatever your tastes, there are inspirational styles and aspirational designs abundant.

Along with the designs of the basins, to which we will return in a moment, you should consider the space you have available to you. Making the most of the space you have is essential in a comfortable bathroom, so filling a smaller bathroom with large utilities will make it feel cramped and uninviting, regardless of how good each individual item looks. It’s far better (not to mention more economical) to fill a smaller bathroom with smaller appliances, particularly when it comes to wash basins.

Consider who’ll be using the basin and how often. If it’s for a single bedroom flat, then you can afford to opt for a slightly less functional, more stylish design. If however it’s for central bathroom in a family house, you’ll need a more functional, simpler design to accommodate the use and abuse it will receive. Perhaps you might like to include some storage space under the basin? Or conceal the plumbing? Either way, a basin’s use will generally decide its styling.

There are a few basic types of basin available from us, including glass, steel and ceramic basins, wall hanging basins, corner basins, counter basins, under counter basins, and pedestal basins.

Pedestal Basins

Our steel, glass and ceramic basins are all available in a pedestal design. Pedestals are the most common basin design, because they’re stylish and they’re economical – both monetarily and spatially. If you’re revamping a family bathroom, then it’s to the pedestal basin you’ll probably turn first; and you’ll need to make sure that both the basin and the pedestal itself can be firmly fixed the wall. Since the pedestal design frees up quite a lot of space in a bathroom, it’s possible to have a very large basin on top – very handy for families and space-conscious DIYers alike.

We offer a semi pedestal design too, which down from the basin like an ordinary pedestal but only far enough to cover the plumbing; not all the way down to the floor. Thanks to this design, you can increase the amount of floor space available – perhaps creating a space to store a towel basket or small vanity cupboard.

Wall Hung Basins

Wall hung basins free up more space even than semi pedestal basins, extending directly from the wall without any support from below whatsoever. They’re stylish and highly contemporary, and great if you want to create an industrial design theme by exposing the plumbing under the sink. Alternatively, many wall hung basins are plumbed directly through the wall behind, with no need to expose the pipes at all. A wall hung basin is easy to maintain, and thanks to the lack of any under-basin furniture they’re very easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Counter Basins

Recessed into the worktop surface, counter basins are stylish and modern, and designed for bathrooms which have enough space for large cabinets. If you’re installing a counter basin yourself, then it’s worth bearing in mind that a basin counter can be cut into virtually any style counter you wish. Since the basin is sunk into the countertop – down through the hole you cut – it will cover up any scruffy cuts or scratches made when you cut the hole.

The counter basin will cover any plumbing and, depending on the design, will provide a lot of storage space underneath. They provide a clean, neat aesthetic, helping you make your bathroom look tidy and controlled.

Other Styles

If your after a small basin, perhaps for a secondary bathroom or a small en suite, try a cloakroom basin. These basins are economically designed to preserve as much space as possible, while allowing you enough room to wash your hands comfortably and without making a mess. Alternatively, a corner basin will squeeze itself tightly into the corner of a bathroom, again working hard to maximise your room.