Replacing an old WC suite with a new one is a relatively straight forward procedure, providing you can connect it to the existing soil pipe connections.

Bathroom Suites & Relocation

However, if you’re looking to re-locate or perhaps install another bathroom suite in your home, then you’ll have to connect it to the main soil pipe itself or run the waste directly in to the underground drainage system.

Before buying a new suite you’ll need to decide on the design you’re looking for, and also how much space you have, as they do vary very much in size.

Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom units are a modern concept in design, allowing you to conceal the cistern behind a unit, the supply and overflow connection are identical to that of a standard cistern but the flushing mechanism is mounted on the face of the panel.

Wall mounted pans are now very fashionable, these are supported by means of a metal bracket or stand unless it is built into the masonry. Using a concealed cistern, this creates a very modern, up-to-date style.

Once decided on the suite, you then have to consider the initial pipe work. Basin taps are normally connected via 15mm copper, bath taps usually 22mm, then the waste outlets from the basin are 32mm (various options of traps available), and 40mm for the bath.