Heated towel rails are available in a wide variety of styles, finishes and shapes, so you can be sure that you’ll find whatever you need to complement your bathroom design scheme. Everything from ball-joint rails through to chic, minimal styles is represented in our range. Towel rails are designed to be compatible with most heating systems, or combinations of systems, particularly hot water heating and electrical heating. We also supply heated towel rails which depend on an internal filament to produce the heat, which means that it can be used independent of any main heating system.

Our heated towel rails are separated into five categories: Tubular, Ladder Style, Contemporary and Designer, Traditional and Electric Towel Rails.

Tubular Towel Rails

Tubular towel rails are available in many different sizes and shapes from flat to curved and square to rectangular, the choice is substantial and guaranteed that one will suit your bathroom or en-suite. The size you need will normally depend on the size of the room you want to heat – typically the larger the radiator, the higher the heat output. All of our tubular radiators are finished in sparkling chrome, which not only looks amazing but is also easy to keep clean. Simply giving it a wipe over with a clean damp cloth will keep it looking brand new for years to come.

When combined with chrome accessories and taps, a tubular chrome towel rail will add a spectacular finish to any bathroom or en-suite.

Ladder-Style Towel Rails

Ladder style towel rails are a modern alternative to a standard radiator.

Ladder style towel rails are designed to warm up your towels and heat your bathroom without the need for a separate radiator rail to hang your towels on.

These towel rails have horizontal bars which span the width of the radiator from top to bottom giving a ladder rung effect. Each bar of the ladder will be heated by either your central heating system, via an oil-filled system or electrically via an electric element that is situated vertically inside the towel warmer.

Ladder towel rails are available in various different shapes and sizes. They can be curved, rectangular or square. There is plenty of choice when it comes to the finish, from a high shine chrome finish to white enamel, and the slightly off white Pergamon.

Contemporary and Designer

Contemporary and designer towel rails can create a dynamic effect in your bathroom, exuding a radical, up-to-date ambience.

These towel rails provide adequate heat output to warm your towels and bathroom at low cost to you. Available in all shapes and sizes with various colour options, you can choose the rail to suit your individual bathroom design and budget.

Contemporary and designer towel rails are generally available mounted on the wall, and are either straight ladder style or bowed front or curved towel rails. They can also have a built in shelf to accommodate fresh towels.

These towel rails are generally available in chrome plated.

Traditional Towel Rails

The traditions of elegance, decorative detail and craftsmanship live on in this authentic range of Victorian/Georgian towel rails. Now combined with the latest innovations in towel airing and heating, you can create a design feature that is as functional as it is beautiful. Whilst keeping that classical traditional look, you can enjoy that wonderful feeling that you only get by snuggling into a warm towel after that relaxing bath or invigorating shower.

These traditional towel warmers have ball joints and period-style cross head valves ensuring the authentic design elements of this classical range. Traditional towel warmers are available in various sizes and fittings, including wall and floor mounted for maximum flexibility, ensuring that there will be one to suit your bathroom or en-suite, no matter what its shape or size is. With traditional towel warmers, you get a choice of finishes from sparkling, high shine chrome plated to that fresh, clean, white enamel finish.

Electric Towel Rails

Electric towel warmers are an alternative to conventional water or oil heated towel warmers. With electric towel warmers, you can have the warmth of a water heated towel but a lot quicker because you don’t have to wait for your hot water system or central heating system to heat up the copper pipes and the radiators in your home first. Electric towel warmers are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs including ladder, straight and curved. Electric towel warmers also come in a range of finishes including satin chrome, sparkling high-polished chrome, white and modern elegant stainless steel.