A shower pump can provide the necessary boost you need to improve your shower’s poor performance, and it can be used any good quality mixer shower or shower panel. Shower pumps are used where the flow rate of the water is insufficient to power a shower, and can also be used to balance the input of hot and cold water for a perfectly stable temperature.

Power showers are frequently manufactured with an electrically driven pump built within the shower unit, and some shower pumps are designed for remote installation, with hot and cold pipes running to the pump then out again to the shower.

Freestanding Shower Pumps

The freestanding shower pumps can also be used to boost the performance of an existing installation; the ideal location for this type of pump is next to the hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard-as low down as possible, so that the pump remains full of water. However there are also pumps, which are designed to perform satisfactorily when mounted at a high level – in the loft for example. There are various pumps available; a single impeller pump will purely boost the hot or the cold feed, where as a twin impeller will boost both, accommodating whole house applications. Shower pumps are connected to your water supply via 15mm or 22mm push fit connectors these have built in isolation valves, and all pumps are bar rated therefore enabling you to choose the correct pump for your application.