Shower valves are designed to allow total flexibility. There are various options available, whether you want an exposed valve, a concealed valve, fixed head or an adjustable riser rail.

Safety & Versatility

Many shower valves have the added benefit of an in-built anti-scald facility called a ‘thermostatic’ valve. The shower valve will automatically adjust its temperature when there’s a fluctuation in water usage, so showering can still be enjoyed without any temperature rise or fall, even when another house member turns on water elsewhere. Should the hot or cold water supply fail, the valve will immediately shut down.

A concealed shower valve is a modern way of concealing any pipe work within a tiled wall, so, in effect; only the valve can be seen creating a minimalist look.

Shower Valve Compatibility

Shower valves are compatible with most supply systems, such as gravity fed systems, combination systems, balanced high pressure systems, and pumped systems. Shower valves can be purchased separately, or with an optional head or riser rail kit. The showerhead will be multi-functional, allowing the operator to adjust the flow accordingly.